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Hello! I am a long time Denton resident. I have lived in Denton since 1979. I graduated from Denton High School, earned a BFA from the University of North Texas, and a graduate of NCTC with a certification in Cosmetology and Cosmetology Instructor's certification. I married my high school sweetheart and we raised our five children in Denton. We have only one grandchild that attends school in Denton ISD. I have 25 years of church service in various capacities and departments: Children's Ministry Leader/Teacher, Women's Ministry Leadership and a Worship Team member. 

In the summer of 2021, a news article captured my attention about obscene pornographic material in school libraries. After checking Denton ISD libraries online and finding many of the obscene books I had read about in the news were in our Denton schools, I attempted to alert the principals and superintendent via email but I found that they were not alarmed. I was shocked at their lack of concern, so I took my information to the school board and found they were not interested either. For the past two years I have petitioned the school board to remove these obscene materials from our libraries. I have filed over 100 reconsideration forms in accordance to the school's policy. To date, there have been 37 books removed from the school library shelves due to obscene content and 20 others restricted. Many others still wait to be reviewed.

While this issue is very important to me, other issues plaguing our district have become a growing concern as well. Visit the "Issues" page to see other concerns I'd like to address in our district.  I'd love to earn your vote and work to make Denton ISD the best it can be!



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